[olug] at my wits end...

Noel Leistad noel at metc.net
Thu Mar 4 17:30:50 CST 2021

I'd take a discord invite if also deemed worthy...


I have installed bacula community edition on a system, have it storing 
to a NAS. I have it WORKING doing backups of 6 Linux clients and even 
tested the restores on a couple of those endpoints.

I'm TRYING, TRYING, TRYING to get a Windows client configured. NO JOY!!!

I've done the Bacula PDF manual, I've watched YouTubes (mostly in 
English, but even in Portugese which I don't understand). I've followed 
a setup at labeightfour.com, ithierarchy.com and others, searched Google 

bconsole (and therefore bacula-dir/bacual-fd) refuse to talk to the 
client and so, no backups.

While I know we're more "hobby" than work, IF I could get it working, 
I'd take it to work and use it their on co-worker workstations.

Anybody here been successful?  (I believe) I have followed the steps to 
the letter, regarding password combos, Windows Firewall "allow program".

I'd sleep much better if I could get just ONE M$ machine to start working.



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