[olug] [OT] Cable Cutter's Dilemma

Greg Gerke ggerke at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 16:26:45 CDT 2020

As an alternative have you considered a Tablo TV ( www.tablotv.com ) ? It'd
allow you to use the coax antenna and it'd sit on your network serving up
TV shows (and recording of course) to anything that's got the ability to
run an app. I use both Fire TV and Roku in the house.

Granted, it'd matter what your signal strength is to the TV Station
antennas (as in the three antennas at 72nd and North Omaha) but I've got
just got an antenna sitting on a closet shelf with the unit that has a 1TB
USB drive attached and it just happily records away whatever is scheduled.
And yeah, not an employee or own stock - just a happy customer of Tablo.

And I know you didn't ask but I'm pairing TabloTV plus Philo ( www.philo.com
) for streaming channels (not a big sports fan so it works out good for
me). So for $50/year for the TV Guide data subscription plus $20/month for
Philo the bulk of my couch potato needs are covered. Oh, and I have Netflix
as well but that's more to quell any uprisings amongst kids and grandkids
not leeching off my subscription. So roughly $45/month (after the cost of
the TabloTV unit itself).


On Sun, Sep 20, 2020 at 4:04 PM Dave Thacker <dthacker9 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've recently dropped my YouTubeTV membership after yet another price
> increase.   I purchased a new TV antenna but was surprised that my TV does
> not have a Coax connection.    I'm looking at a Coax-->HDMI adapter, but
> they seem pretty pricey.   How much picture quality will I lose if I use an
> adapter?
> Dave
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