[olug] RHN- The end is near.......

Dan Linder dan at linder.org
Thu Jan 10 19:24:30 CST 2019

Yeah - I really wish they had not go so "cutting edge" with the Satellite 6
design.  It's only related to "Satellite 5.x" in name and high-level
functionality.  Our Satellite 5 system has been purring along with very
little maintenance or headaches, whereas our Satellite 6 system is
constantly making us scratch our heads.

The latest 6.x update removed some command line features that caused some
of our other automations to fail silently...

And don't get me started on the pain we go through in trying to automate
the automatic check-in process - it works about 95% of the time but when
that 5% strikes....

Wish there was a Satellite "6a" that was based on Satellite 5 components
but didn't try to be the all-encompassing tool that Satellite 6 seemes to
try to be...


On Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 7:11 PM Dave Thacker <dthacker9 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Red Hat Satellite customer,
> This is a reminder that Red Hat Network (RHN) will shut down on January 31,
> 2019. This also marks the *end of life*
> <
> http://app.engage.redhat.com/e/er?s=1795&lid=80262&elqTrackId=5693a2b35ba94f5c9bb38faa80fd5f88&elq=eaed415b966c454082671a8a96b44fbd&elqaid=58660&elqat=1
> >
> date for Red Hat Satellite 5.6 and 5.7, which depend on RHN to download
> content to be distributed to your hosts. This is impactful beyond an
> end-of-life event, so we recommend you take action as soon as possible.
> *Customer Impact:*
> After January 31, 2019, customers using Satellite 5.7 and earlier versions
> will *no longer receive content updates from RHN* to their Satellite or
> Proxy servers. You will not receive any technical support for Satellite 5.6
> and 5.7. You will only receive updates for OS if registered via Red Hat
> Subscription Manager and will be able to use Satellite 5.7 (or lower) with
> previously downloaded content. You will still receive assistance for
> upgrading to Satellite 5.8.
> *Action Required:*
> Satellite 5 users need to upgrade immediately to Satellite 5.8. This will
> enable your Satellite server(s) to register via Red Hat Subscription
> Management (RHSM) and continue retrieving content from the Content Delivery
> Network (CDN). This is a simple and fast upgrade - don't delay.
> TL;DR    If you are using Satellite, you need to be on 5.8 ASAP
> DT
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