[olug] OpenSSH BSD author called out intel a decade ago.

Rob Townley rob.townley at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 17:57:32 CST 2018

In 2007, Theo de Raadt, yes, the creator of OpenSSH, called out intel for
 numerous erratta that will not be fixable by CPU MicroCode updates, nor
BIOS updates nor OS patches.  He was referring to the Core2 Duo’s (Have
investigated our machines at times over the years.)   long list of Erratta
linked at the bottom.

 Looking at AE22 entitled “Last Branch Records Updates maybe incorrect”
which is listed as one of the least concerning in 2007 may have enabled
speculative execution.

Intel 2007 AE22 Last Branch Records (LBR) Updates maybe incorrect after a
task switch.
Note: When a task switch occurs within a CPU such as running two or more
programs running at the same time, information related to the task is
stored by the processor.   In this case,  where it came from may be
assigned to where it is going to.


> https://www.geek.com/images/geeknews/2006Jan/core_duo_errata__2006_01_21__full.gif

Sounds as if some others seemed to have the same idea and then are assured
that there are much worse erratta in later processors.

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