[olug] Long range WiFi - maybe somewhat OT

Craig Wolf wolfout101 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 15:27:45 CST 2018

I will second Ubiquity for the AP's and a Cloudkey controller.  In my
house, my soho Asus router picks up 5 networks in the area.  I am working
with a couple Ubiquity Long Range AP's and they are picking up 66 networks
in my area.  Pretty impressive.

Not sure about the Meshability of that particular AP though...

Craig Wolf

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On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 2:31 PM, Shawn L Djernes <shawn at djernes.org> wrote:

> I would look at the Ubiquity AC-mesh APs. They are designed for outdoor
> use and give good coverage.
> I have a client who installed one on the back of a warehouse to cover the
> parking lot and they have had no problems with it.
> The free controller software lets you manage all your APs and network
> settings in one place, including MAC blocking.
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> Shawn L. Djernes
> > On Feb 15, 2018, at 10:08, Eric Lusk <wyrmzr72 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >
> > I'm in the process of trying to find one or several WiFi routers/range
> extenders that can be used at a trailer park. The owner wants to supply
> internet access to all his tenants, but with the ability to throttle, block
> MAC addresses, set timers on MAC addresses, and filter some sites.Most
> routers can do much of that, but he also needs about 1/2 mile of total
> range around the area. Given it's a trailer park, and the metal walls are
> going to be a factor in reception, that probably means 2.4 GHz with the
> option to use 5GHz if you're closer to the router/repeater.I'm sure someone
> here has set up something similar to this, and I do know of individual
> routers that can reach up to a half mile, but they want little to no signal
> drop if possible.Any recommendations on what gear I'm going to need? It
> sounds like cost is not a huge factor (a few $300+ routers/repeaters would
> not be out of the question), but of course I'm looking for bang for the
> buck (getting some mark-up is good).
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