[olug] DC Universe and Linux - Linux Desktop and Online Services

Aaron Grothe ajgrothe at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 22 01:48:52 CST 2018

Hey Guys,
Decided I'd give the DC Universe online channel a shot.  My main desktop is Debian (Testing) and either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  Signing up for the service is interesting.  I don't get any scrollbars with either browser.   I'm able to work through it with the tab key.  Get signed up for the free 7-day trial and figure I'll see how it works.
Well I can't get to the majority of the content since my tab key doesn't work with this page.
So back to the Chrome store for the "User-Agent Switcher for Chrome".  Set the agent string to Firefox 33 for Windows and everything starts working.  Scrollbars are nice when you have more than a page of content.
This is similar to the same problems I had with the Direct TV service which wouldn't even let me cancel the service without the User-Agent switcher.
Started digging through their site to see if there was a way to file a support ticket.  No real luck.  Tried to open a discussion thread but it doesn't look like it'll work with Linux at all :-(

So what I'm curious is what is the best User-Agent switcher for Chrome/Firefox?  Ideally I'd like one that only changes the useragent string for the brain-dead sites that don't work with Linux directly.  Also what sites are you having to work around this kind of crap on.
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