[olug] Perhaps a Fun After Meeting Activity with SDR

Charles Bird cbird.omaha at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 17:26:22 CST 2018

This would possibly make for a fun after meeting activity at The Verdict
following perhaps a mini preso.

"The Fonz, an "easyer" to use passive scanner and transmiter for the
TouchTunes Jukebox (Gen 2 and above) wireless remote. TouchTunes remotes TX
at 433.92Mhz, uses ASK/OOK, and uses a pin (000-255) for addressing. This
script was meant to be used with RfCat and the Yard Stick One."

I'm sick of those people skipping my Kraftwerk tracks that I paid for at
the Verdict!

Its easily adaptable to other SDRs.
I'll be trying it with LimeSDR Mini and USRP B210.


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