[olug] [OT] OpenSource intel vPro / ActiveManagementTechnology MeshCommander.com MeshCentral.com remote management

Rob Townley rob.townley at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 11:14:41 CST 2017

For those that have vPro / AMT machines (such as all 2nd-Byte.com)  to
manage remotely, intel collects their tools in this open source javascript
web based project, called MeshCommander.  Think of  vPro / AMT as IPMI /
Dell DRAC / HP iLO for desktop systems.

Wake-On-LAN will never work to wake vPro machines up as the intel vPro NIC
swallows the WOL packets and does not pass along any form of wake up
messaged to the system.

If your desktop has a modern enough version of AMT (and no add-on discrete
graphics card), then the HTML5 remote KeyboardVideoMouse capabilities look
awesome.  Redirection of IDE devices to reboot into a LiveCD remotely.
Of course, it also has SerialOverLan.

There is a WSMAN browser builtin which may also help with DSC / Ansible

YouTube videos say even their MeshCentral cloud solution is also open
source.  If you are the IT guy for family members, this should be nice.

Word of caution, intel  has never had SSL/TLS on http://machine:16992/
authentication page, so it will be interesting to see if intel repeats this
on the webserver side.  Earlier this year, intel patched a gaping hole in
vPro, so this tool should provide information to see if patched.

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