[olug] Firefox 57 (Quantum) on Debian Testing

Aaron Grothe ajgrothe at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 16 00:29:04 CST 2017

Hey Everybody,
Don't know if you've tried Firefox 57 (Quantum) yet.  If you haven't yet it is very fast and very nice.
One of the problems even when running Debian Testing like I do you are stuck with Firefox-ESR (Extended Support Release) by default which is based on Firefox 52.  However there is a way to upgrade your version of Firefox to 57.  You can find the information at the following URL:

Unfortunately Mozilla 57 requires Rust so it isn't available in Debian Stretch or Jessie from mozilla.debian.net.  I tried to work around this by installing the version of firefox from packages.linuxmint.com and create a frankendebian.  It looked like it was going to be a really ugly hack.  For those people with Stretch or Jessie you can download the firefox package from the firefox site and extract it, but it won't be integrated with your system.
Firefox 57 is a big upgrade from the other versions a lot of people say it is the biggest jump since Firefox 1.0.  I think it might really give chrome  a run for its money.
Take it easy,
Aaron0-0-0"The Journey is the Reward" - Old Zen Buddhist Saying

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