[olug] Switch brands?

Ben Hollingsworth obiwan at jedi.com
Mon Jul 25 17:26:31 CDT 2016

On 07/25/2016 05:13 PM, Rob Townley wrote:
> What i hate about our NetGear switches is that all configuration is _only_
> via Firefox 17 - yes I have to keep a copy of ff17 just to manage the
> NetGears..  No cli means no scripting, no ssh,  but very time consuming.

That'd be annoying, but since I don't need to manage any of my switches, 
I can live with that.  I'll definitely look into the Netgear offerings.  
I do have an old 16-port Netgear swtich.  I replaced it years ago 
thinking it was dead.  Turned out only the wall wart power supply died, 
so I eventually replaced that & kept the switch.  In fact, that's the 
switch that's currently sitting in my wiring rack until I get a new 
rack-mount version.

I have a couple old wireless routers throughout the house acting as only 
switches, which is nice to have in an emergency, but is not a good way 
to operate normally.

> Both Planet and Ubiquity make ssh manageable switches with POE, but have
> not used them.  Do want to try then out.

I didn't even think about Ubiquiti switches.  I'll have to look into 
those more.

> eBay has some good deals on 10Gbps switches, but still not near $50.  I
> know your photography must use diskspace and bandwidth.

My photography doesn't really affect the network bandwidth.  My outgoing 
bandwidth is abysmally slow, so I can't transfer an appreciable amount 
of data to the public, and I have no need to move it around inside the 
house except for the odd occasion when somebody wants to print a photo 
from a Windoze box.

I'm using somewhere north of 6TB of disk space at the moment (75% of 
that is photos), but that's a separate conversation that doesn't affect 
my network switches.

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