[olug] [OT] anyone know how to load Android app on a Kindle?

Kevin D. Snodgrass kdsnodgrass at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 4 20:19:20 CDT 2015

Next door neighbor just bought a GoPro Hero4 for vacation, thought he could control it from his Kindle since the GoPro said you could use either a Smartphone or tablet.  He's not a computer guy, so didn't know that not all tablets are the "same" and there isn't a Kindle app for that.  The Kindle Fire HD is an Android device from what I can tell, so started looking for some hacks to get Android apps to work on it.

Found some tutorials about loading Android apps on a Kindle, but you have to activate "Apps from Unknown Sources" (not sure that's exactly the wording, but you get the idea), a YES/NO radio button, and I found how to get to the "Settings" where you are supposed to be able to change that to accept 3rd party stuff, but this Kindle doesn't even have that option.
At a loss where to go now, so anyone with Knowledge please contact me off list...
 Kevin D. Snodgrass

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