[olug] OT Computer Recycler

Shawn L. Djernes shawn at djernes.org
Sat May 30 10:16:35 CDT 2015

Hey OLUGers

We have been cleaning out various parts of our house, garage, and shed. In the process we have found the over the years we were computer and electronics pack-rats. 

I am looking for someone willing to take a variety of stuff:
- Desktop PCs
- Servers
- Non Functional ASIC miners
- Battery Backup units w/ batteries
- Various cables, parts, and oddities

I would prefer someone in the Bellevue or Plattsmouth area, as we are in Plattsmouth. 

It would be nice if who ever would take the stuff for free but a small fee could be discussed especially if someone can pick the stuff up. 


Shawn L. Djernes
SD Consulting
E-mail: sdjernes at gmail.com
Phone: +1 402 350-6973
FAX: +1 888 297-6310

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