[olug] Intel Compute Stick + Linux

Kevin D. Snodgrass kdsnodgrass at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 12 23:18:12 CDT 2015

When you get your MeeGoPad let us know how it works.  And if you have a Compute Stick a comparison chart would be good too.
Neighbor probably doesn't know anything about Netflix, Spotify or any of that stuff.  Like I said, he's a truck driver (now retired).  But if you need a dual nitrous system installed on your hot rod he might be able to help with that....  (He's building 1 badazz hot rod now.  If anyone else watches "Street Outlaws" it won't quite be as badazz as Daddy Dave's Sonoma, but close!  And on a full size Silverado chassis...)
 Kevin D. Snodgrass

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 Subject: Re: [olug] Intel Compute Stick + Linux
I just ordered a MeeGoPad T02 from AliExpress.
uad-Core-Intel-Atom-Z3735F-Windows-8-1/32338715662.html  with DHL shipping,
there might be better vendors, I didn't spend much time looking for better

My credit card company declined the purchase and immediately locked my
credit card.
I called and unlocked my card and approved the purchase, we shall see what
happens.  If it works I will order 4 more of them for a project.
I'd recommend finding one that has Ubuntu preinstalled on it if you are
worried about drivers and stuff.  I will wipe, reflash and reinstall the OS
on mine.
I am interested in comparing the Compute Stick to the MeeGoPad.  The Compute
Stick has a frustrating UEFI that will only boot to Ubuntu or Windows 8/8.1
images.  I couldn't get it to boot to a Linux, DOS, or Win7 PE utility disk,
I wanted to grab the factory image before I reinstalled.  I need to learn
how to use the UEFI shell, hardware should be free or die trying.

.....But once you get all of the drivers figured out the Compute Stick and
likely the MeeGoPad T02 makes an awesome TV computer for the Plex player,
Netflix, Spotify, etc.

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