[olug] Fascism in a budget bill

Rob Townley rob.townley at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 16:50:52 CST 2015

The budget bill disincentivizes website operators from being the low
hanging fruit security wise.

The largest threat to US security came about six months ago when the China
got their hands on very detailed security clearance info for all federal
employees and possibly anyone who even tried for a clearance.
​ will undoubtedly succeed in blackmailing one of those twenty millions
employees for a password.

   A kindergartner could have hacked the Office of Personnel Management
systems.  Everyone was warned for eight years.  The budget bill going
through congress right now lets corporations share our details with the US
government.  So now, all of our personal information will be in one giant
database for anyone to hack.
​  How does that make our country more secure?​

OpenSource is about opening up software, not
opening up our

Dial 1-985-222-CISA
to stop CISA.

This bill would put corporations above the law and let them share your data
with the U.S. government. Congress has tacked it as a rider onto the budget
bill and they're voting today. Call your government and let them know you
are not supporting this invasion of our privacy before it's too late!

I did - will you?


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