[olug] Centurylink "Gigabit" my ass....

Aric Aasgaard aric at omahax.com
Sat Jun 21 20:41:51 CDT 2014

All I know is that my home 150x20 is superior in every way that I have
measured to the 50x10 I have at work. 
I rarely test at less than 170x22 and have never gotten less than 150x20.  

It seems everyone has satellite dishes so maybe my Cox coax node isn't
heavily used. 
I suspect the different DOCSIS 3.0 channel thing for business is bullshit
but I don't know an easy way to test it with what I have.

I assumed business internet was just like business electricity or water or
gas, it isn't really better they just charge businesses more for it because
they can.  

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On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 10:52 PM, Justin Reiners <justin at hotlinesinc.com>

> Sometimes I feel self conscious about making my neighbours internet
> I remember when I got my ultimate, before I got business class, I had 
> constant issues with bandwidth, had a bucket truck outside 4 days a week.
> They had to portion off more bandwidth for my neighbourhood, but it 
> was never quite right,

The way it was explained to me is that there are multiple "channels" (or
frequencies or whatever) that they use, one for home Internet users, one for
business class, and others serve digital telephone, digital TV, etc.
In that case, you shouldn't feel self conscious because your use is having
zero impact on their channel capacity.

When I had Cox business class at home, I couldn't afford the same high-end
tier as the "home tier" I left it for, but in my gut I feel that the speeds
were more consistent and not as "laggy" as I experienced on the home side.
I'll take the opinion opposite Aric when he said:

On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 11:37 PM, Aric Aasgaard <aric at omahax.com> wrote:

> IMO it makes more sense to get the cheaper higher speed home account 
> and spend a fraction of the difference on a Verizon wireless 4G 
> hotspot for redundancy purposes.

I never had a consistent problem with redundancy or outages.  Yes, there
were the occasional outages (the time the back-hoe took out part of the
fiber line feeding our area, and another time when the neighbors house down
the street got hit with lightning and the ground path must have been through
their coax cable into the Cox equipment on our block).  But the few times I
did call with an issue that was impacting home and business users, my
business internet was back up sooner than my neighbors home internet.

Just my $0.02 worth...


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