[olug] Jon, what was that second phone app?

Jon Larsen jon at jonlarsen.us
Thu Jan 30 13:07:59 UTC 2014


It wasn't an app, it was a built-in function of my Galaxy Player 3.6.

Jon L.

On 01/26/2014 03:08 PM, Rob Townley wrote:
> Jon,
> what was the name of the android app that you showed us at Bishops
> that allowed you to use your smart phone over bluetooth from a non
> cellular enabled wireless device?  I saw a post this morning on
> Google+, but cannot find it again.  I searched for "My Other Phone",
> "My WiFi Phone", "Bluetooth", but can not find the Google+ post again.
>  Please, what is the name of the app before TLDR kicks in?
> TLDR warning, but if you want to know why i am interested.... i want
> to replace cordless DECT phones with WiFi only phones or  tablets.
> My luddite wife hates the conventional cordless phone now and only
> wants to use her Android.  We got a Panasonic Link2cell to still use
> the cellular lines while charging our smartphones, but her phone never
> makes it to the charger.   I am returning the brand new DECT system
> and replacing it with an asterisk box.  There are many reasons
> justifying maximalizing our home phone setup to bring it up to the
> internet / TXT message era. The Panasonic limit of only 1 active
> Link2Cell conversation at a time is just one indicator of how archaic
> it is.  The new system would not be much more expensive, but user
> would actually see the TXT message, not just an indicator.  Of course,
> one could now Google on the home cordless phone.
> My plan is to have the in-home asterisk server talk bluetooth to the
> cellphones similar to the cordless Link2Cell and/or your
> ¿_____________? android app.  The "WiFi only" android devices would
> connect to the asterisk box and each would then have three or more SIP
> "telephone lines":
>    A. "HOME Phone" - SIP over WiFi to asterisk to VOIP provider.
>    B. "Wifes cell" - SIP over WiFi to asterisk, then Bluetooth APP to cell.
>    C. "Dads cell" -  SIP over WiFi to asterisk, then Bluetooth APP to cell.
>    D.  "Work SIP" - just another SIP connection.
> -SIP configured and provisioned via GLPI/FusionInventory agent running
> on WiFi cordless.
> -No need for DECT extender.
> -No need for DECT at all.  Take that CIA.
> -No need for an archaic phone system, but can still have corded phone
> in tornado shelter.
> -Browse the web from a "cordless WiFi phone."
> -Send/Receive TXT messages from WiFi phone not just via our cellular
> provider, but also SMS via the VOIP provider.
> p.s. I thought i saw a long range bluetooth extender today on G+,
> something that might allow us to charge our smartphones on the second
> floor but still connect via bluetooth to the asterisk box in the
> basement.
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