[olug] Jon, what was that second phone app?

Rob Townley rob.townley at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 21:08:06 UTC 2014


what was the name of the android app that you showed us at Bishops
that allowed you to use your smart phone over bluetooth from a non
cellular enabled wireless device?  I saw a post this morning on
Google+, but cannot find it again.  I searched for "My Other Phone",
"My WiFi Phone", "Bluetooth", but can not find the Google+ post again.
 Please, what is the name of the app before TLDR kicks in?

TLDR warning, but if you want to know why i am interested.... i want
to replace cordless DECT phones with WiFi only phones or  tablets.

My luddite wife hates the conventional cordless phone now and only
wants to use her Android.  We got a Panasonic Link2cell to still use
the cellular lines while charging our smartphones, but her phone never
makes it to the charger.   I am returning the brand new DECT system
and replacing it with an asterisk box.  There are many reasons
justifying maximalizing our home phone setup to bring it up to the
internet / TXT message era. The Panasonic limit of only 1 active
Link2Cell conversation at a time is just one indicator of how archaic
it is.  The new system would not be much more expensive, but user
would actually see the TXT message, not just an indicator.  Of course,
one could now Google on the home cordless phone.

My plan is to have the in-home asterisk server talk bluetooth to the
cellphones similar to the cordless Link2Cell and/or your
¿_____________? android app.  The "WiFi only" android devices would
connect to the asterisk box and each would then have three or more SIP
"telephone lines":
   A. "HOME Phone" - SIP over WiFi to asterisk to VOIP provider.
   B. "Wifes cell" - SIP over WiFi to asterisk, then Bluetooth APP to cell.
   C. "Dads cell" -  SIP over WiFi to asterisk, then Bluetooth APP to cell.
   D.  "Work SIP" - just another SIP connection.

-SIP configured and provisioned via GLPI/FusionInventory agent running
on WiFi cordless.
-No need for DECT extender.
-No need for DECT at all.  Take that CIA.
-No need for an archaic phone system, but can still have corded phone
in tornado shelter.
-Browse the web from a "cordless WiFi phone."
-Send/Receive TXT messages from WiFi phone not just via our cellular
provider, but also SMS via the VOIP provider.

p.s. I thought i saw a long range bluetooth extender today on G+,
something that might allow us to charge our smartphones on the second
floor but still connect via bluetooth to the asterisk box in the

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