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Carl Lundstedt clundstedt at unl.edu
Mon Aug 25 09:59:38 CDT 2014

Contact me off list.
Carl Lundstedt
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Subject: [olug] OT: Looking for server hardware

Hello! I'm currently working on some web development projects with a group
of friends - we're high school students. I fancy myself as a bit of a
sysadmin and am interested in trying to host the sites myself. (It's
nothing serious, so we can deals with the risk of bad uptime, etc.) To that
end, I'm looking for some cheap or free (preferably server grade) hardware
that anybody is trying to get off their hands.

If anybody knows of local venues that would be willing to part with some
old hardware, or can give up some hardware themselves, then please contact
me off list at hwaldstein1997 at gmail.com. Thank you!

Also, if anyone is interested, I'll mention what we are coding in. The web
framework that we are using is the Play Framework, which is written in
Java/Scala. We're doing basic web app development, using Bootstrap for
styling and jQuery for a lot of client-side stuff. This is all a learning
project. Right now, it would be nice to have some "production" hardware to
develop around. We would like to set up continuous integration and the

PS: I'm sorry for any typos. This was written on mobile.
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