[olug] Disappointment and a question ...

Jay Bendon jaybocc2 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 05:21:42 UTC 2014

> Ford, Chevy, Dodge.
> Go.
> :P

Chevy, duh.

Seriously though.  Nvidia has hands down the best 3d acceleration support
on linux today.

I would much rather buy AMD to support the little guy but NVidia is so much
better and so much easier.  I spent an entire weekend trying to get a $300
AMD?ATI Card installed with proper functioning 3d acceleration... constant

Sold it for a huge loss and picked up an equivalent Nvidia card, up and
running in about a hour.  :'(

Just trying to save you some video heartache in the future if you pick up
another video card i strongly recommend nvidia.  Now hdmi out, i don't
really play with, so maybe its moot point if you can't get video and audio
out on nvidia i'd be willing to bet you'll have the same issue.

Maybe this weekend i'll unpack my rig.  It has HDMI out and i can give it a
run to see if i have any real insight to provide there.

Alternatively, if you're building a HTPC, why not explore a RasPI system?
 Proven to work and easy to setup.  Cost is also right in that oh so sweet
spot of less than $50.


On Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 7:35 PM, unfy <olug at unfy.org> wrote:

> My experience is exactly the opposite, at least lately (past 1.5~yrs).
> Ford, Chevy, Dodge.
> Go.
> :P
>  Some quick googling around it seems quite a few people have been able to
>> get the 630i to function with ubuntu which i'm sure you also saw, but they
>> didn't provide a lot of insight to what the issues were which always leads
>> me to believe that PEBKAC is the problem, and it usually is for me.
> The weird ubuntu install thing - well... I'm weirded out.  If zero'ing the
> drive doesn't fix it... then... I have no idea what to say (other than
> attempting a different drive with same cables and in same port etc).  I
> believe I've tried ide, ahci, and linux ahci options for sata mode under
> bios to no avail.
> As far as 630i and hdmi audio - I don't recall exactly what I had to fix
> in the asla modules in order to get it to work early on.  I believe the
> changes got implemented into later versions anyway.  Why I can't get
> windows xp to work now is a bit beyond me, though. Being unable to make
> something work that once did work.. is... ugh.
> The root of the problem appears to be relating to the gpu / tv not talking
> correctly.  If I plug my hdmi cable into 'a different port' on the TV, it
> insists that use port 1 + analog audio 3 for DVI connections (says this on
> a blank screen).  Plugged into port1, i get video but no audio.
> On the windows side of things -> different drivers behave a bit
> differently.  Some drivers will list the audio device as present but not
> connected.  Others will say it doesn't exist (not offer it as an option in
> any dialog box anywhere).  Lastly, some will say it's there and working -
> but no audio.  The nvidia control panel will differ from driver to driver
> on if it thinks the cable is a dvi cable or an hdmi cable as well.
> Digging through my email archive, it appears I got my 'mythbuntu box up'
> via something like bios settings.  There's a few audio related bios
> settings ... onboard audio on/off, hdmi auto / disabled.  With onboard
> disabled, hdmi is gone as well in the OS's etc.
> Under salix and live ubuntu -- I fiddled just a little bit.  Tried getting
> aplay -d hw:0,3 to spit out something, anything... to no avail.  Fiddled
> with alsamixer, etc all as well.  No luck.  Tried several other things with
> no luck.
> I am grabbing Slackware 14.1 and Fedora 20/KDE now.  I prefer slackware
> cause it does far less to muddle the original sources compared to other
> distro's, etc.  Should make kernel & alsa compiles easier.  Since I've
> juggled a stupid amount of windows xp / 7 drivers, I think it's time to
> just hammer on it from a linux environment.
> -Will
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