[olug] Disappointment and a question ...

Jay Bendon jaybocc2 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 00:22:09 UTC 2014

> Kinda cute how amd/ati cards have always worked right out of the box.
>  *sigh*.

My experience is exactly the opposite, at least lately (past 1.5~yrs).

NVidia drivers outperform AMD hands down, especially since steam has been
tuning for gaming on linux.  AMD has more open source drivers but NVidia
has been paying a lot more attention to performance on linux.  Install is a
piece of cake if you use their installer.  Though you can use the repo
version on ubuntu and stay pretty current.  Debian i had better luck
installing from nvidias binary if i wanted to maintain current drivers with
performance benefits.

I have significantly less issues utilizing 3d acceleration with nvidia
graphic drivers.  I game/desktop/work/etc all exclusively on linux, though
my current employer will only issue me a MBP -_- :'(


AMD 990FX + SB950 chipsets work great only issue i had was with the nic
(realtek driver bug 8198 IIRC?) (a year ago maybe its been fixed since
then), which i run an intel NIC which works even better.

It has been a very long time since i was unable to install even a gimped
linux install on just about any machine.

You can always find which kernel modules you actually need to properly
detect or that actually function with your devices and build them into the
ramdisk.  I've had to do that here and there for my pxe installs since i
pxe install everything from servers to linux gaming desktops and my
family's laptops. :)

Some quick googling around it seems quite a few people have been able to
get the 630i to function with ubuntu which i'm sure you also saw, but they
didn't provide a lot of insight to what the issues were which always leads
me to believe that PEBKAC is the problem, and it usually is for me.


On Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 2:29 PM, unfy <olug at unfy.org> wrote:

>  And if you care to debate any of these points or ask how I got Win98 to
>> run under DosEMU back in the day, please let us take such a discussion off
>> list as it likely serves not the wonderful community represented herein of
>> whom I am proud to be a member.
> I was wholehearted in my inquiry about WTF the linux community was doing.
>  *EVERYTHING* I saw when my coworker was messing with different distro's
> here in the office was a train wreck.  I take that back.  A flaming train
> wreck.
> http://www.cleanmpg.com/photos/data/501/ethanol_train_fire.jpg
> This wasn't "oh, this disto doesn't have this dancing icon that i love" or
> "missed a pixel here" or "im a zealot for XYZ and it doesnt have XYZ so it
> must be trash!".
> It was "how are basic things over the last 10+ years not present ?" I will
> admit that at least one of my complaints was relating to the whole 'unity'
> desktop experience.  I tend to try to be open minded about desktop
> experiences and gui paradigms and such (no issues with osx, macos,
> win3.1->7, os/2, beos, afterstep/windowmaker/old-kde/old-gnome/etc) ...
> but that's not always the case it'd seem heh.
> -----------------------
> Now, since I've apparently dug myself into a hole about being so vocal
> about 'WTF' - I suppose I *have* to go about installing different
> distributions and giving them fair shakes / reviews. I've complained
> loudly, I guess now I need to back it up and explain EXACTLY what I'm
> talking about.
> Sadly, the question becomes - what hardware ?  Do I stick with the nforce
> 630i that i've been bemoaning here ? Skipping hdmi audio for the moment ?
>  Do I pick up a cheap intel chipset based board ?  An amd based system ?  I
> suppose I could go with the nforce + not-hdmi-audio as a round 1.  It seems
> to cooperate decently with the gpl nvidia driver.   Actually.  Scratch
> that. I can't use an nvidia based video solution on my TV.  At least, not
> any nvidia based card that I have (mostly older stuff, the 630i would be
> the newest nvidia hardware i have personally).  On my TV (an old 42" 720p
> lcd), all nvidia cards overscan and I have to set a custom resolution to be
> able to be able to see anything near the edges. Kinda cute how amd/ati
> cards have always worked right out of the box.  *sigh*.  Wonder if it's
> something relating to my tv not spitting back correct edid info ?
> -Will
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