[olug] Disappointment and a question ...

unfy olug at unfy.org
Wed Apr 9 22:29:43 UTC 2014

> And if you care to debate any of these points or ask how I got Win98 
> to run under DosEMU back in the day, please let us take such a 
> discussion off list as it likely serves not the wonderful community 
> represented herein of whom I am proud to be a member.

I was wholehearted in my inquiry about WTF the linux community was 
doing.  *EVERYTHING* I saw when my coworker was messing with different 
distro's here in the office was a train wreck.  I take that back.  A 
flaming train wreck.


This wasn't "oh, this disto doesn't have this dancing icon that i love" 
or "missed a pixel here" or "im a zealot for XYZ and it doesnt have XYZ 
so it must be trash!".

It was "how are basic things over the last 10+ years not present ?" I 
will admit that at least one of my complaints was relating to the whole 
'unity' desktop experience.  I tend to try to be open minded about 
desktop experiences and gui paradigms and such (no issues with osx, 
macos, win3.1->7, os/2, beos, 
afterstep/windowmaker/old-kde/old-gnome/etc) ... but that's not always 
the case it'd seem heh.


Now, since I've apparently dug myself into a hole about being so vocal 
about 'WTF' - I suppose I *have* to go about installing different 
distributions and giving them fair shakes / reviews. I've complained 
loudly, I guess now I need to back it up and explain EXACTLY what I'm 
talking about.

Sadly, the question becomes - what hardware ?  Do I stick with the 
nforce 630i that i've been bemoaning here ? Skipping hdmi audio for the 
moment ?  Do I pick up a cheap intel chipset based board ?  An amd based 
system ?  I suppose I could go with the nforce + not-hdmi-audio as a 
round 1.  It seems to cooperate decently with the gpl nvidia driver.   
Actually.  Scratch that. I can't use an nvidia based video solution on 
my TV.  At least, not any nvidia based card that I have (mostly older 
stuff, the 630i would be the newest nvidia hardware i have personally).  
On my TV (an old 42" 720p lcd), all nvidia cards overscan and I have to 
set a custom resolution to be able to be able to see anything near the 
edges. Kinda cute how amd/ati cards have always worked right out of the 
box.  *sigh*.  Wonder if it's something relating to my tv not spitting 
back correct edid info ?


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