[olug] Cutting the cord

Shannon ridgid at gmail.com
Sat Sep 14 19:58:05 UTC 2013

we just have roku box. it works ok. wish we could get at  web content from
station websites and the like with it.

I have thought about getting an android box. but haven't researched it

netflix just put out viewing *profiles* which looks great but it doesnt
work on roku yet that i know of.

at any rate we haven't had cable or dish now for about 2 years and I
wouldn't go back. I really should look into a new tv though mines about 20
years old.


On Sat, Sep 14, 2013 at 1:37 PM, Matthew Botts <mbotts00 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I really don't care for sports much. Between myth, plex and a lifetime
> subscription to PlayOn, I'm covered pretty well. With 10+TB of storage at
> home, we can watch, record anything of interest to watch there, or
> remotely. At home, we have two Roku boxes, and a Google tv. With what we
> have, it's been more than enough for the content were interested in.
> On Sep 14, 2013 1:00 PM, "T. J. Brumfield" <enderandrew at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Have any of you cut the cord to cable/satellite?
> >
> > What did you go with? Roku? Apple TV? Custom Myth boxes?
> >
> > What are you paying in monthly fees currently?
> >
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