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   The Kano is a computer kit that's powered by Raspberry Pi. *Image:

Teaching children the basics of computer science isn’t as simple as
teaching them to tie their shoes. How often do you see a parent sitting
down with their kids, walking them through a line of code or pointing out
the components of a motherboard? Probably never. Because kids think it’s
boring. And parents think it’s hard. Today, children grow up surrounded by
shiny objects that look and act like magic. There are screens that respond
to touch and computers that can do just about anything a five-year-old can
dream up. But even though kids have been immersed in technology since
birth, it’s rare for them to actually know how it *works*.

A new kit called
hoping to change that. Released last week on Kickstarter, the
Pi kit merges basic computer science concepts with gorgeous, functional
design, turning just about anyone into a computer maker. Each kit, created
by London startup Kano, is comprised of bits and pieces that are
constructed to build a functioning computer that can be hooked up to a
monitor. On the Kano OS, kids can reprogram *Pong* and *Minecraft*, compose
music, learn to code and even just word-process—all through a computer they
built themselves.

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