[olug] Looking for old hardware for once

Tom Williamson twilliam at inebraska.com
Sat Aug 24 16:54:58 UTC 2013

I find good used computers at the UNMC Warehouse on 41st Street between 
Leavenworth and Emile (it is the red building with the truck docks). The 
guy that handles these in in the back of the warehouse most mornings 
until noon. Because of a misguided policy on HIPPA, the drives are 
removed and destroyed, but most of the computers are not too old and 
have worked fine for me. Most will sell in the $50 to $130 range. Some 
do use ECC Memory.The last time I looked the majority were first and 
second generation 64-bit processors. There had been some brick type for 
mounting on monitors, those seemed to have a few 32-bit processors as 
well as 64-bit. Laptops started to show up, but those had a lot of wear 
and tear, binged up cases and screens with bad pixels. Many of these are 
Dell computers, but the laptops can be anything.

I hope this helps with options for you. I also hope things are doing 
well for your baby.


On 2013-08-24 11:25, Lou Duchez wrote:
> This is not an answer to the question you asked, and I can't stand
> when people do that to me, and particularly with your recent medical
> bills this isn't of any immediate help.  So sorry in advance for doing
> this.  But a suggestion for when your finances are better: my go-to
> solution for upgrades is to visit Radio Shack and pick up a cheap
> Toshiba laptop.  Last time I checked, they were selling a pretty
> decent Toshiba (4 GB RAM, 320 GB hard drive) for $320 ... and that
> wasn't even a sale price.
> Hoping the baby is doing fine.
> It still boggles my mind how cheap computing power has gotten. With
> just a bottom-rung Radio Shack laptop, a person could crack the Enigma
> code over lunch, and still have time to find videos of women in
> dinosaur masks sitting on cakes.
>> I built a desktop for my mother in law 8 years ago, but the hardware 
>> is
>> starting to shows its age. My daughter has an ancient netbook that 
>> honestly
>> was pretty under-powered when it was new. Both are asking me for 
>> something
>> newer. But I just had a new baby who spent a week in the NICU, which 
>> racked
>> up a huge medical bill.
>> I'm usually one saving up extra hardware to pass along to others when 
>> I
>> can, but now I'm looking for some for once.
>> If you're got an older desktop/laptop, or even just components you're
>> willing to part with free or cheap, please message me off list.
>> Both are primarily looking for a machine to hop online and play Flash
>> games, so they don't need much in the way of hardware, but it would be 
>> nice
>> to upgrade from what they have.
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