[olug] Looking for old hardware for once

Lou Duchez lou at paprikash.com
Sat Aug 24 16:25:38 UTC 2013

This is not an answer to the question you asked, and I can't stand when 
people do that to me, and particularly with your recent medical bills 
this isn't of any immediate help.  So sorry in advance for doing this.  
But a suggestion for when your finances are better: my go-to solution 
for upgrades is to visit Radio Shack and pick up a cheap Toshiba 
laptop.  Last time I checked, they were selling a pretty decent Toshiba 
(4 GB RAM, 320 GB hard drive) for $320 ... and that wasn't even a sale 

Hoping the baby is doing fine.

It still boggles my mind how cheap computing power has gotten. With just 
a bottom-rung Radio Shack laptop, a person could crack the Enigma code 
over lunch, and still have time to find videos of women in dinosaur 
masks sitting on cakes.

> I built a desktop for my mother in law 8 years ago, but the hardware is
> starting to shows its age. My daughter has an ancient netbook that honestly
> was pretty under-powered when it was new. Both are asking me for something
> newer. But I just had a new baby who spent a week in the NICU, which racked
> up a huge medical bill.
> I'm usually one saving up extra hardware to pass along to others when I
> can, but now I'm looking for some for once.
> If you're got an older desktop/laptop, or even just components you're
> willing to part with free or cheap, please message me off list.
> Both are primarily looking for a machine to hop online and play Flash
> games, so they don't need much in the way of hardware, but it would be nice
> to upgrade from what they have.
> -- T. J.
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