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Mon Aug 12 20:06:32 UTC 2013

"Supermicro Intelligent Management (SIM) module monitors onboard
instrumentation such as temperature sensors, power status, voltages and fan
speed, and provides remote power control capabilities to reboot and/or reset
the server. It also includes remote access to the BIOS configuration and
operating system console information via SOL (Serial over LAN) or embedded
KVM capabilities. Because the controller is a separate processor, the
monitoring and control functions work regardless of CPU operation or system
power-on status."

The user manual is here

The card for the X7SBE Phil mentioned is for sale at for

I think it is probably worth the money in your situation.
Will Langford said:

"Dell perc4/dc's are relatively cheap (being a few generations old), get
around 20mb/sec write speed sustained or so, 128mb bbu."

20mb/sec wtf. and I thought my adaptec 2100s was POS at 60 MB/s. What are
you doing, retro fitting some quantum fireballs? Random writes? IDK, I hope
you left out a 0.

The audio racks I have seen have been 2 post.  You probably want a 4 post
for rails.

@Jeff Hinrichs
Good point.  I guess when I think of radio stations I think of streaming
You mentioned freeNAS I've used that.  I like openfiler check it out if you haven't.  I've been playing
with openfiler on xen to make a wannabe equallogic san.

..filter. OK big girl panty hose.

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