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Mon Aug 12 20:06:32 UTC 2013


Those SATA flash drives look awesome thanks!
Do they work with bios enabled AHCI?  Are they SLC?  If not how is that
better than a USB flash drive?.... other than the stated ECC.

I was looking at that site about the time you sent this looking to make a 5
1/4 bay pico system for remote management of a single server colo.

My biggest problem lately using Xenserver hasn't been CPU power as much as
lack of memory slots that is the main reason why in my head a 5000 or 5400
chipset sounds better.

@ Jay Bendon 

I have 2 Adaptec SCSI raid cards one 2100s and a 5400s that I ran with 15k
cheetahs... they were/are so fkin slow compared to other SCSI raid cards
that I never considered an Adaptec card again.... It wasn't just like I had
a n00b setting somewhere.  Hopefully they are better now.

I have used Compaq Remote Lights on/out cards before but I have never used
Supermicro or Asus's IPMI 2.0 or SOL addons.  I always wondered if they were
any good.  I love the acronym SOL.
Much better than ring, ring ..... can you hit the power button again... k


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