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Mon Aug 12 20:06:32 UTC 2013

It is not possible to directly load existing, precompiled,Linux device
driver binaries onto an ESX Server host.

> The 2 problems I have: =20
> 1.	Not sure whether the legacy driver I am using actually would
> work since it is strictly for and this is an ESX3.5
> installation (which seems to have 2.4 kernel).  Since 3.5 is very new,
> IBM site is sparse (due to the age of the FASt200 and support no
> exists) and VMware does not create their own subsystem device drivers.

It won't work.

> 2.	Not a Linux guru per se, more like a long time dabbler.  I have
> been using the VMware Virtual Center GUI (SQL based, runs on separate
> server) to rescan the disks, since I am not familiar with where to
> in the OS itself.  Since I have seen a few buggy issues with the
> Center during past rescans with ESX 3.0.1 I can't rule this out.

/usr/sbin/esxcfg-rescan will do a rescan from inside the service

> Where would I look in the OS to see if the disks are seen by the
> to rule out the GUI? =20

I would recommend using the VirtualCenter interface. It does a much
job than working from within the service console. That said, you can
use esxcfg-info -s to get all kinds of information about storage.

> Any other ideas?

Based on your attempts to load Linux drivers into the ESX service
I'd recommend you sit down and spend some time with the VMware
documentation. They have a LOT of it online, and it is all very good and
will serve you very well in your VMware experience going forward. VMware
a great product, but it really shines when you know what you apply some
best practices to it.

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