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Mon Aug 12 20:06:32 UTC 2013

It is not possible to directly load existing, precompiled,Linux device driver binaries onto an ESX Server host.

> The 2 problems I have:  
> 1.	Not sure whether the legacy driver I am using actually would
> work since it is strictly for and this is an ESX3.5
> installation (which seems to have 2.4 kernel).  Since 3.5 is very new,
> IBM site is sparse (due to the age of the FASt200 and support no longer
> exists) and VMware does not create their own subsystem device drivers.

It won't work.

> 2.	Not a Linux guru per se, more like a long time dabbler.  I have
> been using the VMware Virtual Center GUI (SQL based, runs on separate
> server) to rescan the disks, since I am not familiar with where to look
> in the OS itself.  Since I have seen a few buggy issues with the Virtual
> Center during past rescans with ESX 3.0.1 I can't rule this out.

/usr/sbin/esxcfg-rescan will do a rescan from inside the service console.

> Where would I look in the OS to see if the disks are seen by the server,
> to rule out the GUI?  

I would recommend using the VirtualCenter interface. It does a much nicer
job than working from within the service console. That said, you can always
use esxcfg-info -s to get all kinds of information about storage.

> Any other ideas?

Based on your attempts to load Linux drivers into the ESX service console,
I'd recommend you sit down and spend some time with the VMware
documentation. They have a LOT of it online, and it is all very good and
will serve you very well in your VMware experience going forward. VMware is
a great product, but it really shines when you know what you apply some
best practices to it.

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