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Mon Aug 12 20:06:32 UTC 2013

SATA versus ribbon cable ATA is a no brainer - SATA better.

SATA is also starting to get some 'NCQ' stuff, which is basically like SCSI
command queue'ing.

DDR is a good thing.  Twice the data per clock theoretical.  Naming
convention can be a bit annoying.  '266mhz' or pc3100 or or or ... etc.

Dual channel DDR is a good thing.  It's basically a migration of server
ideas (stripe-ing memory) to desktop usage.


On 12/9/05, Neal Rauhauser <neal at> wrote:
> What's this SATA stuff? My trusty Athlon 850 finally cooked off this
> week after years of abuse and a Sempron 2600+ was the cheapest thing
> Futureware had. I hate change and I'm getting a big dose of it today -
> new mainboard, it requires this newfangled DDR memory, and perhaps worst
> of all I have time to write this because I'm downloading FreeBSD 6.0 for
> the AMD64 architecture.
> I hate change. If I have to change, I want to get it all done at once.
> I found this thing called a "SATA cable" in the box with the mainboard.
> Is there a compelling reason to go to a SATA drive on this machine? I
> mean *compelling* - I put a Pentium 133 in for temporary duty and I
> seriously debated doing package building in a vmware machine and just
> leaving that box in that role. If it were a 233 that might very well
> happen. So a compelling reason would be cheaper, more portable, etc.
> Grrr. I'll be here, dealing with change, if anyone has words of wisdom
> on this topic.
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