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Mon Aug 12 20:06:32 UTC 2013

LinuxJack and then set up the PC with some
sort of VoIP gateway (not exactly sure).  Then I would need to work
with MicroTelco or NetPhone to arrange for routing to local PSTN or
long distance and give you a phone number for people to call you back.

I have a Linksys Router with DHCP so I shouldn't have any problems with
it.  How does QoS factor into this?  Would a broadband router with QoS
be better?  What are the chances that my cable modem provider (Time
Warner) would have QoS implemented upstream from me?

Vonage seems to bundle this all together for you.  I think Cox does
something similar in Omaha but doesn't market it as VoIP even though
that's what it is.  Has anybody on the list had any experiences with
VoIP, Vonage, Cox telephone, or any other competitor?


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