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roughly equal.  Cable modem has a speed edge on paper but doesn't seem to
deliver it in practice.  I use DSL since they happily toss in a statically
assigned set of IP's (/29 mask) that I can do what I want with and they
don't play any silly games about disallowing servers or services or ports

Nick Walter

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> A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...
> > How does everyone else work around Cox blocking port 80?
> Cox doesn't block port 80.  The block went away when we swiched to
> from
> > Specifically, is there some other port you'd recommend running on
> > instead, and is there some service similar to dyndns that would map an
> > URL transparently to this alternate port?
> Almost any port # you want (don't choose stuff like 25, 137-139, 111,
> etc), and yes.
> > Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but it seems like such a service could
> > be provided.  If not, short of paying Cox the ridiculous fees they want
> > for a business connection, which this isn't, is there any other way to
> > get Cox to open the port up, such as complaining to the right individual
> > about how this is a terrible business practice on their part.
> It's not terrible business practice.
> It's smart security, in the face of Nimda and Code Red.
> > And lastly, if there's no palatable answer to any of these questions, is
> > there an alternative high speed Internet provider that doesn't block
> > ports and sits in the same general price range as Cox?
> There isn't one.  DSL is available, but the speed doesn't compare and
> costs more.  And isn't available everywhere Cox is.
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