[olug] Fwd: Security Breach?

Jack jdunn110 at cox.net
Mon Jun 11 01:36:27 UTC 2012

The router was the only device with a public IP.  I'm going to assume I 
haven't been hacked, although I'll monitor my outbound bandwidth for a while.



Re: [olug] Fwd: Security breach?.eml

Re: [olug] Fwd: Security breach?
Rob Townley <rob.townley at gmail.com>
06/09/2012 07:46 PM

Omaha Linux User Group <olug at olug.org>

i agree with the others that you may not have been hacked.  The
trendnet router, is that the only device with a public IP?

If your hardware had a public IP, then

Does the hardware happen to have vPro or IPMI or DRAC or iLO or some
other form of meta computer inside that is always on even when the
machine is powered off?

Is hardware virtualization enabled in the BIOS?

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