[olug] Parallels pros and cons vs. VMPlayer or VirtualBox

Dan Linder dan at linder.org
Fri Jun 1 15:52:04 UTC 2012

I have a coupon to purchase "Parallels Workstation 6" for $15.00.

I already use VMWare Player for my needs, though VMWare Workstation
has more bells and whisles but I can't justify it's cost.  VirtualBox
has similar features to these two.

I dual boot Win7 and Ubuntu, and I confirmed with their licensing
department that I can buy a single license and install Parallels in
both environments to have the cross-OS features.

At $15 it's not too bad to purchase just to experiment with, but is
there any compelling reason to use it over Player or VirtualBox?

A co-worker runs OSX on his Apple laptop, but has to use a lot of MS
tools (Outlook, Excel, Word, etc) that don't behave in the native OSX
environment.  Is the Parallels seamless environment that much better
than VMWare Workstation or VirtualBox offerings?


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