[olug] Job Op

Craig Wolf wolfout101 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 19:42:51 UTC 2012

Got this from a recruiter friend...I don't get anything for passing it
on but a thank you.  Reach out to me and I will put you in touch with
the person if you are interested:

=== Key Tasks ===

•        Support an M2M SaaS platform using Xen, Debian Linux,
Corosync, Puppet and other FOSS tools.

•        Maintain a scalable Xen/PHP/Python/PostgreSQL environment

•        Develop and Maintain scripts for automated buildup and
teardown for development, staging, and production environments using
Debian Linux, Puppet, and Xen.

•        Maintain a division network consisting of 30+ Windows
workstations, 10+ Xen Linux servers (~40 VMs), and 3 Windows Servers.
Services include payroll, inventory, web services, version control,
staging and dev environments, VOIP phones, VPN, and a line of circuit
board production equipment.

•        Adherence to IT compliance to corporate policy and reporting.

•        Create and maintain packages and documentation for local
Debian repository.

•        Manage deployment of packages to production environment.

•        Maintain a storage for use with our Xen cluster utilizing
DRBD, NFS, iscsitarget and Corosync.

·        Deploy, secure, and manage switching, routing, and firewall equipment

=== Common Tools ==

Operating Systems: Linux (Debian), Windows (2000, XP, 2003, 2008, 7)

Software Packaging: Debian (dpkg)

Firewalls: NetFilter(IPTables)

Load Balancers: HAProxy, IPVS, Pound

NAS/SAN: RBD/iscsitarget/NFS/corosync

Databases: Postgresql

Web Application Servers: Apache, Lighttpd

Network Mangement/Monitoring: Puppet, Ganglia, Cacti, Nagios,

Network Analysis: Wireshark, TCPDump

Virtualization: Xen, Xen Cloud Platform

Other: Bind, SVN, GIT, Samba, Asterisk, syslog, Debian Preseeds, OpenVPN,

Craig Wolf

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