[olug] Computers for sale

Obi-Wan obiwan at jedi.com
Tue Jul 31 15:33:29 UTC 2012

I've got five older computers that need to find a new home.
All of them have been cleaned out & booted up just fine.

Compaq SANworks (aka HP DL380 G2)
1.266 GHz P3 CPU, 3GB RAM
HP SmartArray 5i battery-backed RAID controller
6 72GB U320 hard drives in machine, plus 3 spares
20/40GB internal DAT drive (takes place of 1 drive)
dual redundant power supplies
external SCSI card
additional 2-port NIC card
Unsold on eBay for $120-150.  SmartArray sold for $40.
  Hard drives sold for $20-25 each.

Dell Optiplex GX240
1.7 GHz P4 CPU, 512 MB RAM
40GB HD installed + loose 40GB HD spare
Vertical stand included
Currently selling for $25-40 on eBay.

Dell Optiplex GX150
1.2 GHz P3 CPU, 512 MB RAM
40GB HD installed + loose 30GB HD spare
Vertical stand included
Beefier models are currently selling on eBay for $50-65.

Two (2x) Panasonic Toughbook CF-18
These are the bulletproof, mil-spec, drop-it-from-a-building model.
The monitor spins around to act as a tablet (stylus included).
900 MHz Pentium M CPU, 768 MB RAM, 40GB HD
Batteries are both shot.  I have one AC cable between the two.
Wall wart says 16V/2.5A output.
These currently run Ubuntu 8.04 & 9.04 (respectively) quite well,
  but will be wiped before delivery if I can find an external CD drive.
These currently sell for between $40 and $200 each on eBay (quite a range).

The eBay prices are for reference only.  Make me an offer.

I live in Lincoln, but I'll be up in Papillion (near 90th & 370) this
Friday evening, so you could pick them up from me there at my in-laws'.

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