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Kevin sharpestmarble at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 21:51:56 UTC 2012

The Way Things Should Be: DNS would have another record, something
like PORT, which has a number and a text description. When an end user
goes to a site, the system does a lookup for that service along with
its lookup for the IP. Something like IP/port. You would get the
IP( back with the port that you should use(8080), and if the
port lookup fails, then you would use the service default(80). This
way you could get around port blocks. But I don't believe it works
this way; DNS was set up(IIRC) when firewalls were "allow and
selectively block" rather than the current "block and selectively
allow". This would also allow you to host multiple services of the
same type on a single physical host, thus allowing one IP to host
multiple secure websites(something that has only "somewhat recently"
come out with TLS 1.0(?).

On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 4:40 PM, Lou Duchez <lou at paprikash.com> wrote:
> If Cox will prevent your server from receiving mail on port 25, you're most
> likely going to need to find another solution.  You can run SSH on a
> non-standard port pretty easily (in fact you almost certainly should), and
> you can set up apache to run on a non-standard port and just change your
> URLs accordingly; but mail servers expect to be able to talk to each other
> on port 25.
>>> First thing you'll need is dynamic DNS; my stock answer to that is to
>>> purchase the domain from dyn.com and use the dyn.com nameservers.  You
>>> can
>>> set it up so your server will regularly report its IP to dyn.com, so
>>> anyone
>>> trying to reach yourdomain.com (or whatever) will be able to find out the
>>> current IP.
>> Um, no, I've had issues with dyn.com
>>>  From there it's a matter of setting up the various services on your
>>> server,
>>> and any flavor of Linux should do.  The only one of those that could be a
>>> problem is SMTP if your ISP blocks port 25 traffic, so see if you can
>>> find
>>> out what restrictions, if any, they put on port 25 (or any other SMTP
>>> ports).
>> And yes, Cox does block all common SMTP ports.
>>> You can also set up this server to work as a router, so you can put one
>>> or
>>> more home users behind it.
>> Have a router to use, a MikroTik, and will buy a hub at bestbuy.
>>>> so, i have a new server that i'd like to run from home, short of
>>>> getting business internet(which is an option), what do you think i
>>>> could do to get it working as a web/ssh/smtp/pop/imap server?
>> Sam
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