[olug] Fedora 17

Kevin D. Snodgrass kdsnodgrass at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 16 04:57:45 UTC 2012

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> Subject: [olug] Fedora 17
> Any odd experiences with updating to 17? i finally got around to it...

I generally do clean installs.  I have my boot drives partitioned up to allow many different installs, for example, this machine has a boot partition, a swap partition and 7 root partitions.  So I do clean installs and copy files over when I'm happy with the setup.

But overall I'm happy with Fedora 17, but no longer happy with Gnome.  I now use XFCE, but I have very old hardware and all the new bells and whistles junk won't run on my system.  Glad I have options...

Kevin D. Snodgrass 

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