[olug] Email a report on SSH

Jon Larsen jon at jonlarsen.us
Fri Apr 20 16:54:34 UTC 2012

I wouldn't run SSH on port 22, too much noise to deal with.
On Apr 20, 2012 11:22 AM, "Lou Duchez" <lou at paprikash.com> wrote:

> You probably want to look into Fail2Ban.  It monitors your logs for failed
> login attempts from a given IP (usually a certain number in a given span),
> and then responds as you tell it to: it can (temporarily or permanently)
> block that IP for port 22, it can send you an E-Mail, it can do both.  I
> haven't ever tried to make Fail2ban cough up failed login details, but
> maybe there's a way to do that.
> I don't consider a server tolerably secure until I've got Fail2Ban going
> for SSH, FTP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and even SquirrelMail.
> How it works: Fail2Ban monitors the logs you specify and looks for the
> regular expressions you specify (not to worry, it comes with a bunch of
> examples you can flip on).  If it needs to block a port, it adds an entry
> to iptables on the fly.
>  Hello,
>> I have set up an SSH tunnel into an Ubuntu 10.10 machine.  I disabled
>> passwords and only use a private key.  I have been using it to proxy my
>> web
>> traffic securely when I travel.  Sometimes you just cant trust any old
>> WIFI.    Recently my log files have been a little large.  the
>> /var/log/auth.log file is showing multiple attempts to login.  I have
>> turned the logging to verbose so I can see what is going on but I am not
>> home all of the time.  This brings me to the issue.
>> I have two questions.
>> 1.  I was looking into port security and came across "Knocking".  Has
>> anyone used "Knocking" to open a port?
>> 2.  Anyone know a good place to get information on the setting it up to
>> email me when someone tries to log in? I want to know the originating IP
>> address and the password they used.  Passwords will all fail but I would
>> like to know if someone is foolishly trying to brute force it and where
>> they are coming from.  I would like an email sent to me each time it
>> happens.  I did find a couple sites detailing a way to email when someone
>> logs in, but I am more interested in finding out when someone fails.
>> Any info you could pass on would be great.
>> Thanks,
>> David
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