[olug] G62 HP

Jon Larsen jon at jonlarsen.us
Tue Apr 10 20:56:23 UTC 2012

Get the service manual for the specific HP G62 based on the system board
Remove AC
Remove laptop battery

Disassemble laptop and locate the CMOS battery and pull it for 10 minutes.


Get into the bios.

Set clock, etc.

Or easier
Brute force it by memory or ground the kids.

Wait... doesn't HP have a restore partition on the hard drive?  Wouldn't 
you just need the key to start that process?  My toshiba and the 
lenovo's I have worked on have a boot select option (usually F12 or 
F11).  Just press on power up.

On 04/10/2012 01:22 PM, Kelly Williams wrote:
> Has anyone has experience with G62 laptops, I have client that there 
> children put on a password in the bios and a hard drive is first to 
> boot, so I can reinstall anything back on the hard drive. Any one had 
> a problem like this.
> Thanks Kelly
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