[olug] Need recommendation MythTv Remotes

Benjamin Watson bwatson1979 at gmail.com
Sat May 14 16:22:37 UTC 2011

I've had good luck with the StreamZap remotes as well as the Hauppage
and M$ Media Center remotes.  Myth seems to have remote/key mappings
for a wide variety of remotes.  The USB IR receiver should be more or
less universal in that you can use one that comes with any of the
aforementioned remote setups.  You may want to check out
http://www.irblaster.info/ for additional IR receiver options.

In terms of using a multi-function/universal remote with Myth, that's
something I've not yet tried.  I'd imagine some of the logitech
programmable remotes might work.  Or even a cheap universal remote
that can be programmed to emulate your TV remote as well as some other
popular remote that Myth can decode.

Personally, I've been using my Android phone as a remote for all my
Myth front-ends.  The MythMote app works like a champ and you don't
need line of sight as it uses WiFi/network access to send commands to
the configured frontend(s).  Then I just navigate to MythWeb via the
phone's browser for other things (e.g. managing/scheduling recordings)
when I don't actually need to see the TV.  There is a Myth app for iOS
devices as well.


On Sat, May 14, 2011 at 10:37 AM, Kenny Kant
<kenny.kant at running-config.com> wrote:
> Hello all I am looking to purchase a good remote for a couple of our Mythtv
> frontends and I would appreciate any recommendations you may have.  Here is
> what I am looking for:
> 1.     Turnkey / plug and play with Mythtv.  I use StreamZap remotes now
> which are just like this and have setup configurations already for
> Mythbuntu.  I would like the same.
> 2.     USB IR Receiver.
> 3.     Multi-Device support, for example I want to directly turn on/off my
> TV's with the remote. I know there are wierd scripts ..etc that dot his via
> frontend PC but I would prefer
>        direct IR directly to the TV.
> Any thoughts?  I appreciate the time!
> Kenny
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