[olug] Murmur in Fedora 16

Dan Linder dan at linder.org
Fri Dec 30 04:05:24 UTC 2011

I don't know what "murmurd" does, so I'll apply some generic
troubleshooting questions:
> <C>2011-12-12 09:02:26.891 Successfully switched to uid 993
> <F>2011-12-12 09:02:26.912 ServerDB: Failed initialization: unable to open
> database file Error opening database

Are the DB communication strings setup properly?  Is the DB started
and listening on the port as "murmurd" expects (i.e. encryption
settings, authentication, etc)?  Is the "UID 993" able to connect to
the DB port (it's possible SELinux or other security tool is
restricting it)?

> I can start murmurd as a non-root user, but then I get an error that it
> can't write to /var/log/mumble-server/mumble-
> server.log

That's probably because the file (mumble-server.log) and/or the
directory (/var/log/mumble-server/) are not writable by the non-root
user.  If you delete the .log file, then "chmod a+rwx
/var/log/mumble-server/", the non-root user should be able to use it.


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