[olug] More than 2 monitors

Carl Lundstedt clundst at unlserve.unl.edu
Wed Dec 14 05:29:29 UTC 2011

We have a 3x3 display in the office that uses 3 of these:
powered by 2 Nvidia 9800 GTs.  It runs a single X session on 9 22inch 

The two video cards alone will power 4 displays.  We have 3 other 42 
inch panels driven by a different host.

More than two is certainly doable with 2 video cards.
> There was a recent discussion on the list about dual head displays.  Well
> that made me greedy, so I've been trying to add a third but with no
> success.  My box is a Dell Vostro and I've got an Nvidia card in it already
> PCI-x that is doing dual head (1-vga, 1-dvi).  So I order up a PCI based
> 8500 card and install it but no joy.  The bios recognized the card and
> would offer to let you set on-board, PCI-x or PCI as the primary.   No joy.
>    (I've tried and failed getting the on-board intel chipset to play with
> the nvidia pci-x card too.)
> So my question is, does anyone on the list have more than two monitors
> going in a single X server set up?  If so, what are you using and how are
> you doing it?
> I went looking on the nets for displaylink cards and monitors but while I
> see nvidia, matrox and ati all have cards w/ more than 2 and linux drivers,
> the results found are inconclusive to how it works.  Not much info on
> displaylink and linux currently.  Am I just looking in the wrong places?

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