[olug] Basic cheap local hosting?

Obi-Wan obiwan at jedi.com
Mon Dec 5 18:16:42 UTC 2011

I'll third the use of your own server over a DSL line, ditching Cox
and their annoying port blocking.  Internet Nebraska offers a variety
of DSL options in the Qwest area:

I've been running my own servers at home with a static IP for about
ten years.  The flexibility is great, even if the upstream bandwidth
isn't.  I still run my high-traffic web sites elsewhere (the largest
of which is on IN's own web serer), but I can do all of my tinkering
and low-volume stuff at home.

> I have a friend who owns a business and needed a Web site / E-Mail.  He 
> also has a pretty fast DSL pipe going to his office.  I persuaded him 
> that he could house a Linux box in his office to serve as his router, 
> his E-Mail server, and his Web server; I am his tech support, and the 
> price of my service is that he lets me put a couple low traffic Web 
> sites on that server.  He saves money and gets better service plus 
> attentive tech support; I get free server space and total control over 
> the server; everybody wins.
> Using a Linux box for a combined router / mail server is actually pretty 
> handy in a lot of ways.  Intraoffice E-Mail is lightning fast.  Outbound 
> E-Mail is handed to the SMTP server almost immediately, and for that 
> matter, by the time you become aware of incoming E-Mail, it's already on 
> the LAN.  And whatever bottleneck there is on Web service because of 
> slower up speeds, well, for small sites it's not much of an issue.

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