[olug] Nagios or ?

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Have you looked at Hobbit I think it might be called Xymon now,  this was a
fork of Big Brother many moons ago when Quest bought BigBrother and the BTF
version stopped being worked on by the primary developers.  It is a very
nice fork of BB and does a lot more than Bb ever did.


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I know it's old, but we've used Big Brother for the last 10 years and have
been happy with it (bb4.org). We're a non-profit, so their licensing means
we can use the free version (they call it BTF or Better Than Free -
http://bb4.org/download.html). It's mostly written in perl and has a nice
web based dashboard interface. It does all the things you mentioned you need
except disabling services from the dashboard. The server does polling and
there are client programs you install to monitor different client OSes (we
use the Linux and Windows ones). I'm sure their commercial version has a lot
more features than the free version, but I've never used it so I can't speak
to it.
Contact me off list if you want a demo of it, I can show you how we've
customized it and what issues we've run into with it.

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