[olug] Nagios or ?

jman at miwire.com jman at miwire.com
Fri Aug 5 16:04:50 UTC 2011

   I use opennms and it is similar to zabbix.

   Hurley, Rod <RHurley at TENASKA.com> wrote ..

Ok, so we are struggling to find a mgmt/monitoring product that does everything
, inexpensively.  The pipe dream right?  We were considering foglight because i
t contains netflow stuff, but then it is not capable of WMI monitoring yet.

Then the topic turned to Nagios and we have heard good things about it, but we 
heard getting it installed and configured can be very difficult.  So what do yo
u guys/gals think?

Here are our requirements:

*         We need something that can support Windoze and Solaris, andyou don't 
need linux experts to manage it.  About 200 devices to monitor.

*         We would like it to have a dashboard that is entry-level admin friend
ly.  i.e. A red light on serverX that shows an issue, and they can drill down t
o find out what/why.  NOT looking for something with "wireshark-ish" logs that 
need expert eyes to interpret.

*         Obviously need email alerting (that works.)

*         Must monitor WMI (Win mgmt interface) items like event log, services,
 etc.   Even better, be able to stop/restart svcs right from there.

*         Initial cost and ongoing support are reasonable, not phenomenally hig

*         NO FALSE POSITIVES.  Ok, so 1 or 2 are ok, but don't tell me my entir
e site is down at 2 am, only to find out it's a false alarm.  Current monitorin
g software is just not cutting it.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

Rod Hurley, SCSE, SQSVA
Tenaska, Inc.

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