[olug] Apparent Java issues in a recent installation

Dave Thacker dthacker at bluestrain.net
Mon Sep 27 12:51:12 UTC 2010

On Sunday, September 26, 2010 06:07:07 pm Thomas D. Williamson wrote:
> I installed OpenSuSE 11.3 on an older Pentium machine, with 256MB EEC
> memory. There were some issues with the installation so it took a
> couple of tries to get what appeared to be a clean install. Now I
> suspect it wasn't complete. Something is not working with Java
> correctly. This first came up when I tried to use the No Script Add-on
> to Firefox.  When I would click to temporarily allow some java scripts
> to run on a web page, I would get kicked off and the system would come
> back as if I had logged off. When I disabled No Script everything runs
> fine. I have Ghostery running and this seems to be running fine.
> The second thing that happened is when I opened Open Office. When I
> open a document in the Writer, there is a pop up box that warns me
> there is no JRE available for Open Office to use. This will happen
> anywhere from five to seven times before opening the document and
> running normally. I went out and install a JRE. When I opened Open
> Office Writer again I got the same messages.
> I found the Java console and had it search for JREs and found three
> instances of JREs on the system.
> Is there something that needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled to get
> this fixed?
Probably not a re-install, but some configuration is needed to tell OpenOffice 
where your jre is located.   A quick google on "OpenOffice specify JRE" turned 
up this


There's a place to start......


Dave Thacker

> Thanks,
> Tom Williamson
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