[olug] How to force internal HDD to be sda?

Kevin sharpestmarble at gmail.com
Sun Sep 12 01:13:06 UTC 2010

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that this is just an
intermediate step in what you're trying to solve. If what you want is
really to just put an entry in your fstab file, then an alternative is
to check out the various options under /dev/disk(I'm using RHEL
5.1/CentOS 5.3). Various options are
 * by-id
 * by-label
 * by-path
 * by-uuid

At least one of those should remain consistent across reboots,
regardless of the boot media.

On Sat, Sep 11, 2010 at 09:12,  <webtrekker at cox.net> wrote:
> I have had this happen before when mixing local scsi disk and the luns presented via the HBA from a SAN.  It came down to the order that the drivers were listed in the /etc/sysconfig/kernel for the mkinitrd.
> Like -- INITRD_MODULES="thermal qla2xxx mptspi ata_piix ata_generic processor fan"
> I had to rearrange the order and recreate the initrd.
> I'm not 100% sure that this is the same problem with the usb, but something worth looking into...
> Patrick
> ---- "Kevin D. Snodgrass" <kdsnodgrass at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> I have 2 external hard drive cases that I use extensively.  On my laptop (mostly), in Fedora 13 if I boot with the external drive plugged in via USB it gets assigned /dev/sda and the laptop internal drive gets assigned /dev/sdb.  When the external is not attached the internal gets assigned /dev/sda.  Why?  Sorry to be blunt, but that is just damn stupid.  (Says the crusty old UNIX guy)
>> Is there some way I can force whatever is doing this (I'm guessing udev, since this problem starting showing up with it's introduction) to assign the internal to /dev/sda?
>> Kevin D. Snodgrass
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