[olug] How to force internal HDD to be sda?

webtrekker at cox.net webtrekker at cox.net
Sat Sep 11 14:12:27 UTC 2010

I have had this happen before when mixing local scsi disk and the luns presented via the HBA from a SAN.  It came down to the order that the drivers were listed in the /etc/sysconfig/kernel for the mkinitrd.
Like -- INITRD_MODULES="thermal qla2xxx mptspi ata_piix ata_generic processor fan"

I had to rearrange the order and recreate the initrd.

I'm not 100% sure that this is the same problem with the usb, but something worth looking into...


---- "Kevin D. Snodgrass" <kdsnodgrass at yahoo.com> wrote: 
> I have 2 external hard drive cases that I use extensively.  On my laptop (mostly), in Fedora 13 if I boot with the external drive plugged in via USB it gets assigned /dev/sda and the laptop internal drive gets assigned /dev/sdb.  When the external is not attached the internal gets assigned /dev/sda.  Why?  Sorry to be blunt, but that is just damn stupid.  (Says the crusty old UNIX guy)
> Is there some way I can force whatever is doing this (I'm guessing udev, since this problem starting showing up with it's introduction) to assign the internal to /dev/sda?
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