[olug] OT? C programming question. MORE INFORMATION

Obi-Wan obiwan at jedi.com
Thu Sep 2 15:33:26 UTC 2010

> Basically, all that is important is that I am trying interface with a
> serial port.  For some reason, the Receiver is set up to accept 10
> characters, (9 characters for the command, and a 10th one for the
> return character).  the issue is that one of the PERMCH commands
> (PERMCH followed by 2 numbers) takes up 10 characters, without a return
> statement.  Supposedly, there is a way around this, because you good
> people at XYZ are able to change to channel 7/4 with the PERMCH
> command fine, but I need to be able to embed this method in my code so
> that this process may be made automated.  I think that's the simplest
> way to define my problem.  If anyone knows why you guys can use the PERMCH command, I'd love to hear it, even if the code itself isn't
> fixed, because then I can rewrite my code based on your solution.

The user manual that I saw seems open to interpretation regarding
the syntax of these commands.  The first thing I'd try is to get an
interactive connection to that serial port and try typing the commands
yourself to see what works.  Is an ampersand needed?  Is spacing
important?  What about capitalization?  What type of newline does
it expect?

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